Monday, April 6, 2015


"Profound suffering makes noble; it separates."
- Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil



From The Mysterious Lady (1928).

"True, we often talk about something instead of doing it; but sometimes we also do things in order to avoid talking and thinking about them."
- Slavoj Žižek, First as Tragedy, Then as Farce


“Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it’s noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear.”

—   Margaret Atwood


yapwilli:“Queer in the mirror" drawing by yapwillianimated art gif by garagolo
“One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find–– is they are not always with whom we spend our lives”

—   Beau Taplin, Hunting Season


"Melancholy betrays the world for the sake of knowledge. But in its tenacious self-absorption it embraces dead objects in its contemplation, in order to redeem them"

~Walter Benjamin


“You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.”

—   Mandy Hale,


“Don’t you get pleasure out of exaggerating painful things as much as possible? For people with weak instincts it often seems to me the only way to drive out pain; like medicine, which is devoid of all good instincts, it cauterizes the sore spot. By so doing, of course, nothing definite is achieved, but the moment itself—and those with bad and weak instincts haven’t time to worry about more than that—is almost pleasurable.”

—   Franz Kafka, from Letters To Felice