Wednesday, April 30, 2014

quoth the madman

so-called ‘external reality’ itself is
already ‘structured like a language’,
that is, its meaning is always-already
overdetermined by the symbolic
framework which structures our
perception of reality. … ‘jouissance
is forbidden to him who speaks as
such’. This gap … forever separates
the lost Thing from … semblances
which are never ‘that’.

‘do not compromise your desire’
can only mean ‘do not put up with
any of the substitutes for the Thing,
keep the gap of desire open’.

the ethics of pure desire compels
us to avoid not only debilitating
contentment with the pleasures
provided by the objects of
phenomenal reality but also the
danger of yielding to fascination
with the Thing, and being drawn
into its lethal vortex, which can
only end in psychosis or suicidal
passage a l’acte.