Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"Whoever has become used to feeling like a hermit, whoever sees with a cold gaze through all the social and comradely connections and notices the tiny threads which tie people together, threads so strong that a gust of air breaks them; whoever sees in addition that it is not the flame of genius which makes him a hermit, that flame from whose circle of light all things flee away, because it makes them appear so like a dance of death, so mad, so spindly, and so inane; whoever is, on the contrary, lonely because of a caprice of nature, because of a curiously brewed mixture of wishes, gifts, and endeavors of the will, he knows what an “incomprehensibly lofty marvel” a friend is; and if he is an idolater, he must first and foremost erect an altar to the “unknown god who created the friend”."
— Friedrich Nietzsche