Wednesday, February 6, 2013

quoth the madman

Custom, whose laws we all allow,
And bow before his shrine,
Has so ordained, my friend, that you
Are now my Valentine.
Ah, could my humble Muse aspire
To catch the flame divine!

These are the gifts that I’d require
For thee, my Valentine!
May virtue o’er thy steps preside
And in thy conduct shine;
May truth and wisdom ever guide
And guard my Valentine.

May piety, seraphic maid,
Her influence divine
Shed on thy head, and ever lead,
And bless my Valentine.

Life’s dangerous paths safe may’st thou tread,
Shielded by Grace divine;
And when these artless lines are read,
Think on my Valentine!

~Valentine To RR Written Extempore Feb. 14 1802 By Charlotte Richardson 1775–1825