Sunday, January 2, 2011


“ Put out the star
At the edge of the bed
Milky white
Lovely bitterness
Are you sleeping
Mouth of autumn
Your breasts burned
The night is nude
Where there murmurs
An unknown tongue
In my ear
My orange oh
My foreigner
You my madness
And my woods
I am the wolf
Devouring you
The dogs who
Lick your feet
Listen from the
Bottom of me
My tempest
Rising towards you
I have the name of you
Anger of you
The immense jolt
Of loving
Here is the moment
Of fear
And the marvel
To shout about
To shout to shout
To shout to shout
I am I am
I am
I am dying ”
—Louis Aragon - Poem written in the toilets with a knife on the wall