Thursday, December 2, 2010


“The muse and executioner
can’t get enough
of each other.
What wonderful lives
they have, cleaving together
to unwind the skeins
of our lives
as far as they can.
Sometimes they pause
to excise a knot of meaning,
and sometimes they skip it
to water the plants
or answer the phone.
Deeply in love,
they often fight
and let the world
continue in its drudgery
of words, chance, and lust.
They are well-versed
in these things
and understand how
they work together.
Neither one resists.
They have been together
so long they simply
let our stories flow,
knowing that just
the sounds of their voices,
the tones and rhythms,
will lead to something
they both want.
Despite the apparent
ease of this foreplay,
their love-making
is more in character,
being swift, decisive,
and beyond appeal. ”

In Praise of Eros - Rick Snyder.