Friday, February 5, 2010


Comet of stillness princess of what is over
high note held without trembling without voice without sound
aura of complete darkness keeper of the kept secrets
of the destroyed stories the escaped dreams the sentences
never caught in words warden of where the river went
touch of its surface sibyl of the extinguished
window onto the hidden place and the other time
at the foot of the wall by the road patient without waiting
in the full moonlight of autumn at the hour when I was born
you no longer go out like a flame at the sight of me
you are still warmer than the moonlight gleaming on you even now
you are unharmed even now perfectas
you have always been now when your
light paws are running on the breathless night on the bridge
with one end I remember you
when I have heard you the soles of my feet
have made answer when I have seen you I have waked
and slipped from the calendars from the creeds of difference
and the contradictions that were my life and all the crumbling
fabrications as long as it lasted until something that we were
had ended when you are no longer anythinglet me catch sight
of you again going over the wall and before the garden is extinct
and the woods are figures guttering on a screen let my words
find their own places in the silence after the animals
-Vixen -W.S. MERWIN