Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hot haiku

Burn unit sex play
involves even more screaming
than one would have thought.

toys in the attic haiku

Up in the attic.
She keeps all her old dollies.
And her old nannies.

grumpy cenobites

frost haiku

The road less traveled
will often time play host to
many dead bodies.

no cookies haiku

"A drill bit will bind
if forced too quickly into
kneecap" says Girl Scout.

meat is murder haiku

Club gets double booked
Frat party, Morrissey night.
Melee leaves ten dead.

acknowledgment haiku

I admit I have
skeletons in my closet.
(next to the stroller)

heil haiku

Yes, monsters are real
and they are everywhere, just
Look in the mirror.

lenore ragamuffin

entitled twats haiku

Earthquakes. Tsunamis.
Headline news on monitor
Salon patrons shrug.
Their world is still safe
as thousands suffer and die
"Whoever they are"
A good laugh is had
when stylist claims his drag name
is now Sue Nami.

un dozzina morti

um, text me, k?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

premature haiku

Awake now, but where?
Dark, favorite suit?
Um, Oh Fuck, not good.

lenore new toy

The Art of the Bodice-Ripper

monthly gift haiku

aunt flo says hello
finally she's a woman
bad news: there are sharks

fauna haiku

Our Autumn leaf tour.
Pretty reds, yellows and browns.
Missed the "Bridge Out" sign.

something horrible happened here

blood lush

truer words

"Iced hot chocolate"....paradoxical goodness

Sunday, September 27, 2009

lenore ballerina


dead undead haiku

Leftovers? You must
Wrap vampire carcass well to
Prevent freezer burn

cthulhu haiku

At seafood buffet
The sign says "ALL CAN EAT YOU"
Pass the butter, please

b movie haiku

If this is Plan Nine,
Imagine how very bad
Plans One through Eight were

Saturday, September 26, 2009

acrid haiku

Hugged a young straight guy
and now my face smells like AXE
Ass would smell better

Ptomaine haiku

Most unfortunate
choice for name of restaurant:
"Thai Food Mary"

truer words

curl up and dye haiku

Tammy's had enough
No more Miss Nice Shampoo Girl
Someones gonna die.

lunar haiku

Who ever thought there
were Indians on the moon?
They want all the cheese.

overheard in the diner

Guido #1: But I just really enjoy my sausage in the morning, ya know?
Guido#2: Yeah, me too... You want my banana?

overheard in gay ghetto

Gay #1: How is coming out going for you?
Gay #2: I don't really jibe with the culture.
Gay #1: Like what?
Gay #2: The music.
Gay#1: You mean the dance music with the ubiquitous shrill black diva wannabe vocals? Yeah. Me too.
Gay #2: And having to go to the gym.
Gay #1: Ugh. Yeah, sometimes I wish I was hairy enough to qualify as a bear.
Gay#2: Why do they say "Woof" at each other?
Gay #1: Maybe its how they eat their food, you know, Woof it down.
Gay#2: You are wise beyond your years.
Gay #1: I know, right?